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 Telangana Diagnostics was started by Telangana's Department of Health the state's free diagnostic service initiative in January 2018 to support those who face challenges when it comes time for an examination or test. The new program is intended to make sure that low-income individuals get the healthcare they need at no cost  This new program is part of a national scheme Indian government implemented in 2016 where Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare subsidized these state level initiatives, allowing more states to follow suit of Telangana and implement their own free diagnostic services for patients who would otherwise struggle financially because of an illness or disease. The program is unique and like none the state has ever seen before! It’s the only one run by a government that provides experience with quality, non-free tests on site using equipment from the latest technology. Many other states have decided to outsource their testing program to third parties, but Telangana government started govt owned and managed diagnostics centers for public service. all the lab tests , x-ray , ct scan, ecg done in telangana govt diagnostic centers are free, reports will be available within 24 hours, reports can be downloadable from website with their online website you should be able to access/download your lab reports from any where in the world using website or mobile app.

After Telangana diagnostics center started huge number of people started using govt diagnostic services in govt. hospitals in Telangana. It started with 50 diagnostics centers  in Hyderabad taking up the services with Central Hub located in Narayanaguda., initially only 2000 samples per day used to come for testing, with the more word of mouth publicity and needs of people lot of people started using services, to accommodate the demand Telangana(TSGov) government extended diagnostic centers  to 319 centers in Hyderabad surroundings, no of samples processed  and tested in lab increased from 2000 to 8000+ per day . Telangana diagnostic centers are operated 24x7 for 6 days in a week in a year. Telangana Govt planning to open more diagnostics centers in Telangana.

Telangana Diagnostics Website

Click here to open tdiagnostics website

Telangana Diagnostics website

Telangana Diagnostics Central Hub Location

Telangana diagnostics central hub located in Kachiguda, Hyderabad,Telangana.

Tdiagnostics Address: IPM Campus, Narayanaguda Rd, Basant Nagar Colony, Kachiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500027.

How to Login to Tdiagnostics website

You have to login to tdiagnostics website to check your lab test reports. Click on below link for Telangana Diagnostics website (TDiagnostics website) Login
Enter your username , password and click on Login, once the successful login it will show you the list of your lab tests reports, click on each report to view all the details or you can download it to your phone or computer. you can access and download  Tdiagnostics  reports online using this website.

How to Reset Password

If you forget your password, you can reset and add new password using forgot password feature on website. you need to have your username to reset your password, enter your username and click on "Get Password" button. you will receive a link or code to reset password. use the link/code to add your new password. once you successfully added your password ,login to website using your username and new password .

using above website you will be able to view the Telangana govt diagnostics centers near your and browse and download your blood test reports which are tested in Telangana diagnostics center . all tests done in Telangana government diagnostics center are completely free.

also searching for t login , Click here to view Telangana diagnostics login page

Telangana Diagnostics app

Telangana Diagnostics app is available for download from Google Play Store. You have to first register with your phone no and Aadhar card details,. Then verify phone no with OTP. Once the phone no verified login with your phone no and password.  Now you are ready to use all features of Telangana diagnostic app. app is not stable, i see lot of issues with it. i recommend to use website.

Features of app:

Find nearest govt. diagnostic center
Check available test in diagnostic center
Contact details and map directions
Browse /download  your test reports.

Click here to download Telangana Diagnostics app

Special report on Telangana Diagnostic centers.


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