CT Scan

CT Scan: Everything You Need to Know A CT scan is a special X-ray test that gives your doctor a clear, 3-dimensional view of the inside of your body. A CT scan can be used to: look for cancer in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis evaluate symptoms such as abdominal pain or shortness of breath assess the severity of an injury, such as a head injury guide needle biopsies and surgeries What is a CT Scan? A CT scan, also called a CAT scan, is a noninvasive imaging test that uses special X-ray equipment to create detailed pictures, or scans, of areas inside the body. During a CT scan, you lie on a table and an X-ray tube rotates around your body. The test is painless and takes about 10 minutes. A CT scan can be used to: look for cancer in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis evaluate symptoms such as abdominal pain or shortness of breath assess the severity of an injury, such as a head injury guide needle biopsies and surgeries CT scans are often ordered for people who have unexplained pain or othe

Full body Health checkup

Why Do We Need to Do Full Body Health Checkups Yearly? Your health is important. So important, in fact, that you should visit the doctor for a health checkup at least once a year. Health checkups help to ensure that you are in good health, and can catch any potential problems early. Here's a look at why health checkups are important, what happens during a checkup, and some tips for getting the most out of your visit. The Importance of Full body Health Checkup During a health checkup, your doctor will check your vital signs, including your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight. They will also ask about your medical history and any current symptoms you may be experiencing. This information helps your doctor get a general idea of your overall health. They may also order tests, such as blood tests or X-rays, to check for more specific problems. One of the most important aspects of a health checkup is that it gives you an opportunity to talk to your doctor about any concerns you may ha

X Ray in telangana Diagnostic center

 Telangana Diagnostic center is offering free x-Ray in all telangan diagnostic centers in telangana state.Process to get free xray done in telangana diagnostic lab, Find nearest telangana diagnostic X-ray center and walk in and consult with medical officer he/she will investigate your problem and prescribe the required x-Ray test in telangana diagnostic center, X-Ray technician do the xray, you can collect the report from center or view/dowload from website or app. following X-Ray tests are done freely in govt provided diagnostic centers X-Ray Services in Telangana Diagnostic center 1. X-Ray Both Hands AP View 2. X-Ray Both Heels Lat View 3. X-Ray Both Hip Joints AP View 4. X-Ray Both Knee AP View 5. X-Ray Both Knees AP And Lat (Standing) 6. X-Ray Cervical Spine AP And Lat Views 7. X-Ray Cervical Spine Flexion And Extension Views 8. X-Ray Chest (Apicogram) 9. X-Ray Chest AP View 10. X-Ray Chest Lat View 1l. X-Ray Chest PA View 12. X-Ray Clavicle AP And Lat Views 13. X-Ray Coccyx AP And

Diagnostic centers in Karimnagar

 Diagnostic Centers / Lab Tests in Karimanagar Telangana Diagnostic Center in Karimnagar following locations telangana diagnostics providing lab tests / blood tests/ x-ray /ultra sound and Radiology tests in karimnagar , all these centers open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM from Monday to Saturday Dattatreya Nagar , Kattarampur BRR Colony UPHC Housing Board UPHC Karimnagar DH Kattarampur UPHC Mothajkhana UPHC Saptagiri UPHC Vidyanagar UPHC Step by Step process to do the lab tests in telangana Diagnostic center in Karimnagar Meet medical Officer in any of above diagnostic center and get the investigation prescribed Get the visit registered with the prescribed investigations Contact the lab technician or staff nurse for sample collection in karimnagar diagnostic center The status of the reports can be tracked in website  or mobile app All the tests done in karimnagar telangana diagnostic center are completely free. Private Diagnostic Centers in Karimnagar _______________________________________

Tests in Telangana diagnostic center

  Telangana Diagnostic center is providing following tests 100% free for telangana people, If you want to use the following tests, first find the nearest telangana diagnostic center, most of these are inside govt Primary health care clinics. Register with your phone no and aadhar card, visit the medical officer for investigation , medical officer will prescribe the tests based on your health check out come, take the prescription and show it to medical lab technician , he will take the samples, your reports will be available online after mentioned time, you can download or view the reports using telangana diagnostic website or telangana diagnostic app. you can visit and do the testing of following lab tests/ blood tests any where in govt offered diagnostic center. apart from blood tests diagnostic center near you is offering free echo cardiography, ultra sound scanning and pathology tests . CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY C - Reactive Protein Direct LDL Fasting Blood Glucose Glucose Tolerance