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Telangana Diagnostics

 Telangana Diagnostics was started by Telangana's Department of Health the state's free diagnostic service initiative in January 2018 to support those who face challenges when it comes time for an examination or test. The new program is intended to make sure that low-income individuals get the healthcare all they need at zero cost  This new program is part of a national scheme Indian government implemented in 2016 where Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare subsidised these state level initiatives, allowing more states to follow suit of Telangana and implement their own free diagnostic services for patients who would otherwise struggle financially because of an illness or disease. The program is unique and like none the state has ever seen before! It’s the only one run by a government that provides experience with quality, non-free tests on site using equipment from the latest technology. Many other states have decided to outsource their testing program to third parties,